Extras out of the box

When it comes to business phone service, you need a customized plan that exactly fits your goals and budget. With RingSimple it's easy to get the right features to suit your needs for the right price because most of them are included FREE with your service. Our powerful Add-on features are competitively priced and with no contracts you can cancel any additional features at any time.

Admin Web Portal

Our web-based Admin Portal provides a simple straight-forward way to manage your account settings, extension settings, and features. With this powerful user-friendly interface you can manage your phone system from anywhere, anytime.

User Portal

Our web-based User Portal allows your workers to login and see their voicemail, call history, call forward settings, and contact list. They can also use our Quickcall feature to dial any extension, or any outside number with just one click.

Keep Your Existing Number

If your business has been operating for years with the same phone number we can migrate that phone number over to our service in a perfectly seamless manner with zero service interruption. For new customers we offer free LNP orders for 30 days. After that 30 day period we charge a nominal one-time fee of $8/number.

Multiple devices per User

Your workers can have multiple VoIP handsets, a softphone, a cellular phone, a land line and more all available at the same time.

Find Me

Ring all devices that belong to a user at the same time. Desk phone, mobile phone, home phone, and then if the call is not answered, send callers to voicemail. Or alternative, send the call to another user/extension or number.

Interactive Menus

This free feature allows you to play a custom greeting or a list of options for callers to choose from. Callers could choose from a list of departments or other options of your choice when calling in.

On-Demand Call Recording

Don't want to record all your calls, but need to record certain calls? This feature allows you to dial a simple feature code while on a call and begin recording it, then stop the recording at any time during the call or just hang up.

On-the-line Greeting Record

Don't worry about recording your greetings and uploading them. Call into your Interactive Menu, enter a secret code you've set during setup and record your menu greeting right over the phone.

Day and Night mode

You can apply a time based route to any Menu, extension, ring group, anything you want. Make it simple with just business hours, or block out a lunch break. You can even configure different hours for each day of the week and apply it to any feature or extension.

Information Only Extensions

Create extensions that callers can use to access frequently asked information such as hours of business or directions.


Make and receive calls right from our web interface using your browser. No software required.

Call Conference

Call a 3rd person and conference them into an already connected call allowing 3 or more people to participate in a phone conversation.

Call Forwarding

One of our mobility features allowing you to forward calls to any phone number, anywhere, and you don't even have to be at your desk or phone to do it.

Call Confirm

When a call is routed to an external number, such as your cell phone, you can optionally hear a brief recording that tells you how this call was routed to you. You can then transfer the call or send it to voicemail without ever speaking to the caller.

Call Hold

Your callers get to listen to music or prerecorded messages while you take care of business or other callers. Upload your own hold music or promotional recordings or choose to use our library of pleasant hold music to entertain your callers while they're on hold.

Custom Hold Music

Upload any wav or mp3 file to be played back when your callers are put on hold. Record promotional or company information and play it back while callers are on hold. If you do not upload any custom files, our pleasant default hold melody will play.

Call Logs

A current and detailed list of all calls you have made or received available at your fingertips from any computer.

Call Park

Parking a call allows anyone to pick up the call from any other extension

Call Pass Transfer

If you have your calls forwarded to your cell phone or any other number and you receive a call, you can transfer that call to anyone via their extension or even to another person's cell number or land line.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to other extensions in your account or to outside numbers like cellular numbers.

Call Tagging

Prepend the incoming Caller ID of any line with a tag to identify where the call originated from in the system. Did it come from a Menu, directly to your number, or was it forwarded to you from a co-worker who is out of the office? If you have multiple businesses in one location this will allow you to identify which business the caller is trying to reach.


All users get a free mailbox with advanced features. You can listen to, forward, save, or delete your voicemails from any phone, even if it isn't a RingSimple line, or on the web with your User Portal.

Voicemail to Email

Have your voicemails forwarded to you by email every time you receive a new message.

Hot Desking

This feature allows you to control which of your devices ring when you receive a phone call. Let's say you have 3 phones, one at the office, one at home, and a softphone app on your device; this feature allows you to ring only the device that you are currently near by dialing a simple code to enable or disable it temporarily.

Call Waiting/Never Busy

Get a notification when you receive another call while on the phone. You can always configure multiple lines with the same extension on any multiline VoIP phone, but if all lines are in use you can still get a notification and answer the call without disconnecting any other callers.

Caller ID

You will always know who is calling with every call.

Caller ID Block

Block your outbound Caller ID.


Block those annoying callers who are trying to sell you "better" phone service than RingSimple. That's a myth!

Custom Caller ID

Set your outbound Caller ID to any verified phone number that you control.

Outlook Integration

Make calls to your Outlook contacts with just the click of your mouse. A great time saving productivity feature.

Built-in Call Continuity

What happens if your power goes out or your Internet goes down you ask? If for any reason your phone can't be reached by our systems your calls are routed to any outside number you choose. Cellular number, home number, anywhere.

Busy Line Notification

Need to know when co-workers are on the phone? With Busy Line Notification, also called BLF or Busy Lamp Field, you can see when others are on the phone. This works with all of our phones or can be configured on an attached attendant console for your operator or receptionist.


DISA or Direct Inward System Access allows you to call in to your RingSimple account from an outside land line or cellular phone and receive system dial tone. Let's say you need to make an International call but you don't want to pay the expensive rate you will be charged by your land line or cellular carrier, just dial into your DISA with a local number then make your call.


Two-way through your VoIP handsets or via a VoIP/SIP intercom speaker. With this feature you can talk to visitors at the front entrance or drivers at the loading dock without leaving your desk.

911 Emergency Assistance

If you dial 911 from any RingSimple phone your location will be transmitted to the local emergency management service so they always know how to get to you.

Video Calling

We support video calls between video enabled devices such as video phones, intercoms, and softphones using the H.261, H.263 and H.264 formats.

Smartphone Integration

Use your smartphone with any compatible softphone application to make and receive calls from anywhere.


This is an important standard feature of RingSimple Cloud Office solutions. Work from anywhere you choose with your VoIP phone, a softphone app on your smartphone or laptop and have access to all of our great features.

Extra Number


Use an Extra Number to route calls to your main Menu, your DISA or any other purpose you choose.

IP-PBX Integration

We support all top IP-PBX Manufacturers. Integrate your old PBX into our platform and give it an instant feature upgrade without the expensive licensing.



We support fax over TDM with our Fax Enable device that connects directly to your fax machine. We also have an electronic fax service that allows you to manage all your faxes online in a convenient web-based interface. You can choose the fax solution that best suits your needs.

Call Groups/Ring Groups

Want to make sure your callers reach someone every time they call? Why not ring a group of users (all phones and devices owned by that user) or individual phones or devices at once.

Web Click to Call

Generate a button for your website or email signature that allows your customers to call you with one single click. They click the button, enter their phone number, click "Call" and within seconds they're connected to you.

Conference Bridge


A traditional conference bridge that will support up to 50 callers simultaneously. Your confierence bridge will have its own local, direct dial number at no extra charge. Toll free conference bridge numbers are also available for an additional $14.95/mo.

Call Queue


Callers will be placed in a queue where they can listen to music or pre-recorded audio messages while they wait for the next available person to answer the call. Your employees can log in and out of the queue directly from their phone. Managers can track the queue status, wait times, and overall statistics for the queue and each agent individually.

call recording


Record calls to/from any particular extension or all extensions within your account.

Dial by Name Directory

Callers can reach the person they called for without knowing that person's extension just by entering a few letters of their last name on the dialpad.

Call Intercept

This convenient feature allows you to intercept a call from a co-worker's ringing phone. Just pick up your own phone, dial a simple, short feature code and instantly answer that call for them without even leaving your desk.

Local Number Anywhere


Does your business operate in multiple states or countries or have a large customer base outside the area code where your company is physically located? This feature allows you to choose a local number in their area, even if they are in another country. This is sometimes more cost effective than Toll Free numbers, especially for international callers.

International Local Number


We offer local numbers in over 60 countries. Call our Sales department @ 1-888-677-8678 for pricing and availability. Pricing will vary by country or region.

Toll Free Number

$7.95/mo & 1¢/min

We offer all Toll Free prefixes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. The first 1000 minutes are included in your toll free plan and then 1¢/min above 1000 minutes. We also offer custom toll free numbers for a one-time $15 setup.


Paging through your VoIP handsets or via a VoIP/SIP paging speaker. This feature allows you to pick up any handset, dial a simple extension number and broadcast an announcement to multiple handsets and/or speakers at once.