RingSimple Cloud Office

by Rewired Telecom

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Save 50%-80% on your monthly phone service AND get dozens of powerful features to help grow your business!

Customize your own plan

Because one size NEVER fits all

Our custom plans allow you to build the perfect plan for your business. Just the right features, just the right price.

Every plan comes with the same set of nearly 40 standard features. No hidden fees, charges, or minimums. Extremely low International calling rates. Unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada for one simple flat rate.



Multi-user discounts from $15.95/mo/user

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Pricing F.A.Q.

What Is A User?
A user is an employee who has a phone at his or her desk or workstation. A phone that is not used frequently, such as a phone in a warehouse area or breakroom does not count as a user. We will simply give you those lines for FREE.

One User


$16.95/mo when paid annually

No setup fees

2 - 14 Users


$14.95/mo when paid annually

No setup fees

15 - 29 Users


$12.95/mo when paid annually

No setup fees

* Terms of Service apply.

Have 30 or more users?

Give us a call for special discount pricing of $9.95/mo/user!

Standard Features you will Enjoy

  • Web-based Admin/User Portal

    Our web-based Admin and User Portal provides a simple straight-forward way to manage your account settings, extension settings, and features. With this powerful user-friendly interface you can manage your phone system from anywhere, anytime.

  • Live Customer Support

    Our Customer Support team is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 9am to 9pm EST. And we know how important your time is, so we guarantee you will never hold more than a few minutes when calling Customer Support.

  • Reliability

    Our platform and our service were built with realibility in mind to make sure you never miss an important call, even if your power goes out and your internet connection is down. Your business continuity is our business continuity.

  • Work from Anywhere

    With features like Call Forward, Find Me, and Voicemail to Email, you can work from anywhere. And by using a free mobile softphone app on your smartphone you can work just as if you were right at your desk.