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Cisco 303G


Small businesses need reliable, flexible equipment at a price that won’t bust the budget. When it comes to handsets for an IP telephony system, the Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone with 2-port switch and monochrome LCD display deftly meets the affordability and reliability requirements of any small business. The SPA 303 includes an array of productivity-enhancing features and is covered by a Cisco standard 1-year hardware warranty.

The 303G provides a way for you to extend consistent voice communications services to all your employees in their workspaces -- on the main campus, at branch offices, remote, or mobile.

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Cisco 502G


These affordably priced, reliable, and stylish IP phones provide an intuitive, rich user experience with wideband audio to connect employees and offices, application support on the phone to enhance productivity, and encryption for enhanced security. The Cisco SPA502G 1-Line IP Phone also delivers a versatile array of features with investment protection that can help your small business succeed.

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Cisco 504G


You’re a small business professional, how about a phone that acts like one too? A Cisco IP phone in their Small Business Pro series, the Cisco SPA504G is as dedicated and focused as you are. A 4-line IP phone tested for broad interoperability with RingSimple's long list of advanced features, the SPA504G handles workplace integration the way we do; quickly, competitively, and with feature-rich services.

Traditional and forward thinking at the same time, the Cisco SPA504G utilizes VoIP’s advantage without compromising its core businesses functionality.

The SPA504G knows that you’re too busy to worry about security or updates so its encryption protocols unobtrusively take care of in-service software upgrades and highly secure remote provisioning.

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Grandstream GXP1610


The Grandstream GXP1610 is a simple, reliable IP deskphone that offers HD Voice quality and enterprise-grade features.

The last thing your business needs is another set of technologies that will distract your teams from the business at hand. The most commonly requested phone features are the simple ones – often, all your teams need is a simple, reliable deskphone without the distraction created by advanced features.

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Grandstream GXP2135


Communication may be the greatest tool in any business.To facilitate clear verbal communications, you need desktop phones with crystal-clear voice transmission.

The Grandstream GXP2135 is a four-line SIP phone that delivers calls of unprecedented richness and clarity. It also supports a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features.

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Grandstream GXP2170


Your teams need reliable communication devices. They prefer deskphones that come with multiple lines but without complicated features.

The Grandstream GXP2170 is a six-line SIP desktop phone with a large display that brings lifelike richness and voice quality to phone calls. It combines state-of-the-art hardware with our next generation cloud-based PBX designed for executive users and busy professionals.

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Grandstream GXP2140


Does your business demand the very best equipment at an excellent discount price? This is your next phone.

The Grandstream GXP2140 is a four-line phone with an amazing color display, bluetooth wireless for headsets, and HD audio on the handset and speakerphone. This is the ideal phone for call-center like environmentswhere productivity is imperative.

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Grandstream GAC2500


Does your business demand the very best equipment at an excellent discount price? This is your next phone.

The Grandstream GAC2500 is a four-line phone with an amazing color display, bluetooth wireless for headsets, and HD audio on the handset and speakerphone. This is the ideal phone for call-center like environmentswhere productivity is imperative.

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Panasonic TGP500


The Panasonic TGP500 is an expandable SIP Cordless Phone System designed for small business and SoHo who are looking for immediate cost saving but scalable SIP-based mobile communications system. Combining the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony, User can benefit from freedom of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking convenience, professional features like intercom, transfer, call forward, and 3-way conferencing.

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Polycom VVX 201


The Polycom® VVX 201 is a simple, reliable, two-line IP phone, that delivers enterprise grade sound quality. The Polycom VVX 201 phone is a stylish, cost effective telephony solution, ideal for retail environments, call centers or shared/common areas, such as lobbies, hallways and break rooms or anywhere needing simple and reliable connectivity.

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Polycom VVX 400


The Polycom VVX 400 is a durable mid-range business phone that delivers unsurpassed voice quality and clarity. It provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution for front line staff handling moderate call volumes and improves productivity for office workers. The intuitive color user interface makes navigation easy and requires minimal training. The VVX 400 is also extensible and supports “sidecar” expansion modules as your business grows.

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Polycom VVX 600


The Polycom VVX 600 IP is the-top-of-the-line flagship phone in the new class of IP desk phones with extraordinary technology innovation. The Polycom VVX 600 is an exceptional choice for executives and senior managers, busy multitasking professionals, or even receptionists or group admins who perform high volume multi-call management and require the ultimate in quick and responsive call handling. The VVX 600 also comes with a built-in Gigabit Ethernet bridge to connect a high speed device to your phone.

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Polycom Soundpoint 5000


Enjoy the same remarkably clear Polycom SoundStation conference phone experience in a smaller form that’s optimized for executive offices and small conference rooms. The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 delivers Polycom HD Voice technology, broad feature interoperability, and a modern design -- all at an affordable price. The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 reduces listener fatigue by turning ordinary conference calls into crystal-clear, interactive conversations that sound as natural as being there.

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Netgear 3500L Wireless Router


The NetGear WNR3500L is a wireless gigabit router that provides wireless N speed for simultaneous downloads, streaming music, and online gaming in addition to basic Internet applications. For wired connections, the NetGear router features four Gigabit Ethernet ports ideal for professional and personal use. Additionally, the NetGear WNR3500L provides storage for downloads through ReadySHARE, which offers shared access to an external USB storage device.

Moreover, the wireless gigabit router includes live content control which allows you to restrict the sites and applications your employees can utilize while at work. The NetGear router also features a guest network access that provides separate security and access restrictions for visitors using the network. The setup of this Netgear router is done by using the NETGEAR Genie, which is CD-less installation for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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